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   Scroll down and search for your favorite slot machine. We put all Las Vegas casinos at your finger tips.
   From the HARRAH'S casinos to the MGM GRAND casinos the WYNN and many more.

   With over ten thousand different slots and 7 miles of enormous resorts. Do not waste all your time waliking from one casino to the next.
   Enjoy the short time you have in sincity, Doing what you really like to. If this is your first time in this desert oasis you will soon find out 
   why time flys  in Las Vegas.

   So let         I Slot VEGAS take the work out of having fun!
   Here are the different type of slot machines you will see while in the casinos.
   Buy a Pay Slot
   These machines will let you win with any amount of coins played. We recommend you to read the play info before playing these type of slot
    machines. To collect the jackpot you must play with max bet.

   Bonus Multiplier
   The machine pays like a multiplier slot. The only difference is when you play with the maximum coins. The slot machine will offer you a
   The number of coins played multiplies the payout. If the machine pays five coins for three cherries when you play one coin, it should pay
   ten for the second coin played, and fifteen for third.There is no advantage for playing the max coins.

   Multiple Payline Slot
   The number of lines the machine will pay on depends on the amount of coins deposited. One coin played will pay middle line winnings.
   So if the slot hits a winning combination that you did not bet. The machine will not pay you.
   These machines can get expensive. so be sure to read the pay info on the machine.

   Progressive Slots
   The slots will keep increasing each time a coin is played increasing the jackpot. When the jackpot is finally hit the amount goes back to the 
   starting number. these machines will have very large jackpot payouts. Ranging form hundred thousands to millions.  Before playing
   take in to consideration. That the jackpot will be available to all those machines in all casinos across the United States.

   Straight Slots
   For every one coin played one cherry hit, will pay two coins. Two cherries hit will pay five coins and three cherries pays 10 coins.
   There are four different kinds of Straight Slots.